UCLA Campus

SAIRO is dedicated to providing assessment support and capacity building opportunities for our constituents. Activities within this area of our work are designed to better improve the experience of UCLA students by providing consultation and support to Student Affairs departments and other stakeholders as they examine their practices and strive to improve them.

On this site you will find a variety of at-your-fingertips assessment resources and information, as well as details about how to get more in depth consultation and support. Please use the links at the left to navigate the various materials and services available to you through this branch of our department including,

  • An overview of the assessment cycle, short resource documents to guide you on various steps in your assessments, and resource materials from SAIRO's assessment training sessions, including the assessment curriculum
  • Important steps in conducting an assessment project in UCLA Student Affairs
  • Information about divisional coordination of assessment, including resources related to assessment annual reporting for departments
  • An overview and supporting materials for the Student Affairs Program Review process