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UCLA Student Affairs Information & Research Office

The Student Affairs Program Review process is a formative assessment tool designed to enhance organizational performance. The program review guidelines are informed by and serve to advance the unique mission, values, and aspirations of UCLA Student Affairs.

UCLA's Student Affairs Strategic Plan establishes the goal of developing an evaluation process that ensures SA programs and services are ready and able to meet the needs of an ever-changing student body. To continue to adapt and achieve SA goals, Student Affairs has adopted the Program Review Process. The primary reason for conducting program reviews is to ensure the continuation of high quality programs and services in Student Affairs and to make sure that our offerings are central to the role and mission, priorities, and strategic goals of Student Affairs and the University.

Program Review Guidelines

UCLA SA Program Review Guidelines 2016-2017

Appendix A. SA Strategic Priorities 2016-17.pdf

Appendix B External Review Budget Request Proposal 2016-17.pdf

Appendix C SA Program Review Calendar 16-17.pdf

Appendix D- Program Review Suggested Timeline

Appendix E Summary of Program Review Roles and Responsibilities 16-17.pdf

Appendix F Program Review Executive Summary 16-17.pdf

Appendix G- Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education Program Review Self-Study Guidelines

Appendix H- UCLA Program Review Self-Study Guidelines

Appendix I- Department Assessment Inventory

Appendix J External Review Panel Invitation 16-17.pdf

Appendix K- External Report Outline

Appendix L Action Plan

External Review Guide 2015-16

SA Diversity Strategic Plan