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Learn more about the administration of the survey (such as contents, schedule, participants, response rates, and past instruments), in the "About" section below. Explore SAIRO's reporting (such as reports, dashboards and briefs) under each year of administration and to view longitudinal analysis, review the "Multi-Year and Longitudinal Data" section below.

To obtain any of these documents in a more accessible format, please contact SAIRO.

About FDS

Survey Reports:

First Destination Survey (FDS)


Undergraduate Student expected to graduate or have graduated from UCLA

Latest Administration:

Year: 2020


• Post-graduate plans for employment and continuing education
• Employment and continuing education focus
• Quality of post-graduate readiness
• Career Center utilization
• Internship placement

Type of Data Collection:

Online Survey

Administration Schedule:



The First Destination Survey (FDS) is an online survey administered at UCLA every year. This survey provides comprehensive and reliable data which can be used to accurately inform and shape career expectation of current undergraduate, new alumni, and prospective students. For example, this survey requests information about employment, continuing education, opinions about job placement and preparedness for life after graduation.


Download instruments for: 2020, 2017

Longitudinal Dashboard

First Destination Survey Dashboard

This interactive dashboard allows users to explore post-graduation plans for employment and continuing education from the 2017 and 2018 administration of the FDS.