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UCLA Student Affairs Information & Research Office

Senior Analyst
Research, Assessment, and Planning

Consultant for: Black Bruin Resource Center, Bruin Resource Center, Office of Student Conduct, Student Health Education and Promotion, Student Alumni and Family Programs, Transfer Student Center, and Veteran's Resource Office

Survey Portfolio: Student Affairs Graduate and Professional Student Survey

Reuben has worked in SAIRO since 2019. He co-facilitated the Undergraduate Research Partnerships Initiative from 2019 to 2020, then transitioned into a research analyst for the 2020-2021 academic year. As a Senior Analyst, he serves as a departmental consultant, advisor on special projects, and created the Equity Based Assessment training (EBA) for student affairs professionals at UCLA.

Reuben is also a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education and Organizational Change (HEOC) program at UCLA. He also holds a master’s degree in HEOC and a Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies: Higher Education from the University of Washington. His research spans across various topics within the intersections of Asian American Studies and Higher Education. Currently, his research utilizes student narratives and experiences to critique contemporary research on racial/ethnic identity development, student development, and student involvement in post-secondary institutions. Ancillary topics of interest include Filipino American and Asian American student-initiated retention education projects and performance.

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