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UCLA Student Affairs Information & Research Office

The Student Affairs Annual Departmental Assessment Report is an annual reflection on each department's accomplishments and a road map for making strategic decisions for the future. Each Department is asked to select one departmental outcome per cycle to prioritize and to use at least two sources projects to gather data on that topic. After analysis of the data, Departments create recommendations for action and are expected to follow up at least one of these recommendations during the next cycle.

Student Affairs uses the Campus Labs/Anthology Planning Tool, a strategic planning platform that helps to organize and structure planning efforts at the organizational, divisional, and departmental levels.

Using Planning, you can organize and track projects for Annual Departmental Outcomes and General Assessment, generate reports (including the Departmental Annual Report), and utilize information for strategic planning. To learn how to use this tool in your department, we have created this training video that goes over the way that the Planning Tool is used in Student Affairs.

Additional resources are available providing insight into completing the Methods, Findings, and Recommendations sections of your plans. Find general information and support on for the Planning Tool in the Planning Support Center.

Please contact SAIRO for Annual Outcomes support.